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U.S. 44th Former President
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A Message From Karen

We need new representation in Albany, someone who will work nonstop for all the families and taxpayers of our community.

Karen Smythe'sKey Initiatives

With all her might, Karen Smythe wants to make the Hudson Valley prosperous and comfortable for life. Karen understands that we need more middle-class jobs that provide a living wage. She proposes the following initiatives to grow the Hudson Valley economy and ensure that future generations can stay here and raise their families.

Transparency And Accountability

Transparency and accountability are essential to ensure that the government uses taxpayer money effectively and efficiently. Transparency ensures that information about government spending, decision-making procedures, and policies is readily available to the general public. Accountability aids in holding public servants and institutions responsible for their activities and ensuring public accountability for them.

In particular, Karen Smythe insists on budgetary transparency. Making sure the public has simple access to data on government spending and budgets is part of this. To help taxpayers understand where their money is being spent, governments should make budget documents, financial statements, and other information publicly available.

This way, citizens can see how their taxes are being spent. In addition, holding government officials accountable for their actions can help reduce corruption, waste, and inefficiency.

Lowering Prescription Drug Costs

Karen Smythe believes that reducing the cost of prescription drugs is an important initiative. It will help make healthcare more accessible to Americans. Ms. Smythe advocates that the government set price caps on certain medicines. This is especially true for those needed to treat life-threatening conditions. This can ensure that patients have access to the medicines they need at a price they can afford. Thus, everyone, regardless of financial condition, will be able to receive the necessary treatment.

Student Loan Refinancing Options

As a mother, Karen Smythe is well aware that our common future lies in children. And children should receive a quality education, despite the financial condition of their parents. However, student loans provided by the state can be a very big financial challenge for many families. That is why Karen Smythe, in collaboration with ASCIN Loans, is developing new options for refinancing such loans. The main purpose of refinancing is to allow people to refinance their student loans at lower interest rates. Thus, it can save borrowers money and reduce their overall debt burden.

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